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Event Coordination

Looking to ensure your delegates are aboard their transport on time or that the caterer knows to serve your partner extra berries with dessert ? We will glide across the floor and manage your full event and logistics, including vendors and guests. Enjoy yourself ; allow us to focus on maintaining the calm and elevating the feel !

Colorful Flowers

Wedding Coordination

Thinking about whether your flower girl will wander off the aisle or wondering whether your parents and their partners will be pleasant ? We will schedule and coordinate your wedding day from sunrise to fireworks. Live in the moment, focus on your first dance & avoid red wine spillages - leave everything else to us !

Night Event

Design & Styling

Dreaming of an intimate anniversary dinner in the garden, inspiring your team at the next roundtable, or taking your guests on a journey through the sorting hat ? We are here to design and style your event ; from colour palettes to staging, and overflowing floral cloud installations to candlelight. From visionboard to actually building your event and ensuring the taper candles are upright, we've got you !

Concept and Design Planning

Event Planning

Has the retirement party come sooner than expected or perhaps the product launch is being moved up ? Each milestone deserves celebration and your next art exhibition really could be as special as you'd like it to be ! Our planners draw inspiration from the world around you to design an event that will invoke emotions and have your guests wondering what's possible !

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Wedding Planning

Your wedding is unique to you and so is the service you are looking for ! We will schedule a consult to determine how we can help ! Your planner will be your sole point of contact through your journey so you won't have to chase your hairdresser for a trial or overthink your band options ; you may just want us to build & manage your wedding website, or design a marquee and everything in it, perhaps advice on blending beliefs or ideas for non-allergy invoking florals. Wherever you're at in your wedding journey, allow us to dream up your vision and distill it to reality !

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Invite Design &
Guest Management

Not looking to be bogged down further than the RSVP ? Let us design & manage your stationary set and guest list including who shouldn't be offered the salmon, who needs a room closest the lift and who would appreciate an extra gift bag for their little one at home !


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